Monday, February 25, 2008

Romy Willing

Though born in Australia, I spent much of my childhood in the American South. Like so many landscapes, it is at once both enchantingly beautiful and darkly sinister, everything richly steeped in a complex history, and yet there is a distinctive spirit to this place that has soaked into my bones like no other. Even now, so many miles and years away, it still stirs deeply inside me and I long for it. These images are a documentation of my journey to reconnect with this place and at the same time a memento of places I love like family but may never see again: images depicting both a return to home and a farewell.

Romy Willing holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from the Corcoran School Of Art, Washington DC. Romy worked as a photographer for the International Monetary Fund before returning to her native Australia in 1998. She continued to build her arts practice and established a successful commercial photography business.

Romy gained a Masters in Arts Management and Creative Enterprising from the Queensland University of Technology in 2005 and is currently the Industry Development Officer for Artworkers Alliance, developing and managing commercial, income-generating opportunities for Australian artists.

Romy is also the co-founder and current organiser of Schmik.

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